Magical mirror 2019 05 23

“So what do we do now?” I questioned him and he replied without any emotions: “First we’re gonna go grab something to eat, I’m starving.” I was irritated and said: “But what about me getting home?” He gazed at me for way too long before answering: “I can’t help you but I know someone who can. But it´s quite a long way to get to him. We´ll leave tomorrow morning, before sunrise.” I thought about what he said for a couple seconds. “But by what are we going to travel?” He looked at me as if I was stupid. “By horse of course, by what else would we travel?”

I was shocked. By horse? I´ve never travelled by horse before. I´ve never even been on one. “Can´t we just travel by car, bus or train?” I wanted to know. He just stared at me like I was mad. “Car? Bus? What are those? We have a train but it`s not going where we need to go.” And then I realised it. “Wait ... if you have neither trains nor busses ... do you live in the Middle Ages?” “Ehm, no we don’t” he said shaking his head. I was about to complain about it but my stomach interrupted me as it made noises. “Looks like someone’s hungry. Come on let’s grab dinner.” I nodded and he led me to another place. It was an old little house standing in the middle of nowhere. I looked at him confused but still followed him as he walked in.

It was a huge stable where two horses were kept. One of the horses looked at me and I looked at it. There was this connection between us and I started to get closer to it. I caressed its side and it was completely calm. I was pulled out from my trance when he spoke: “Seems like Parker likes you.” I smiled and he gave me some things. “Hold this, I’ll put it on him for you.” After he put it on Parker, he helped me sit on him. It was tricky at first but soon it got better. We rode into town and I looked around. It was so different to my town. It really looked like the Middle Ages. We secured our horses and went into a little restaurant. When we sat down and I looked at the menu, my mouth started to water. There were all my favourite kinds of food listed! But then something caught my eye. Tacos ... There are tacos here! I’ve never eaten one before but always wanted to! We ordered and soon our orders arrived. It looked so yummy so I took a bite. It was amazing! I ate it in a split second and grinned at him. He looked at me surprised and I giggled. After we finished, we rode back to his house and got to bed.

In the next morning, I was woken up by someone pulling my bedsheets away. I shot my eyes open and glared at him, groaning out: “Couldn’t you wake me a bit nicer?” He didn’t react and just went out of my room. When I was dressed in the clothes he laid on a small table for me, I went out of the room and we got ready for travelling to this person who could possibly help me. The ride was very long and I asked every now and then: “When are we gonna be there?” And his answer would always be: “Soon.” After 8 hours of nonstop riding, I was so exhausted. But finally, he stopped and got off his horse. I sighed in relief and got off as well, questioning him: “Are we there now?” He nodded and was about to say something but stopped as we heard a sound behind a tree. He told me to stay here and got closer to where the sound was.

Suddenly, there were men in front of us. One of them, probably the leader, said: “You there. Yes, the girl. You don’t belong here. We’ll take you with us.” Before I could say something Alex stopped me and shouted: “Come on!” He sat back on the horse and started riding away real fast. I got on my horse as fast as possible and followed him. I looked back at the men riding after me. I sped up and got next to Alex. He shouted: “We are close to the house!” I nodded and he stopped his horse at once, jumped off and rushed to the house. I followed him to an old house. The men were still behind us so I sped up and got to the house first. I knocked on the door quickly, sweating because of the fear of me being caught. No answer. The men got closer and I knocked again but harder. I saw one of the men trying to grab me but then there was another hand grabbing me and Alex ...

Era Lynn und Anonyme Autorin