Deadly dancer

The bloody room. His body was covered with blood. My anger became stronger and stronger. I stabbed with my knife into his stomach for a last time and disappeared into the dark night.

It was the night before the Fringe Festival. As a part time job I worked as a guide. So on the first day of the Fringe festival I met the group which I had to lead. They spoke about how excited they were. There were two boys and two girls. Clary, one of the girls, asked me personal questions. Questions about my job and so on. I didn’t answer her questions and started speaking. I told them the Fringe Festival was the biggest celebration of arts and culture on earth. It was a festival were big names performed their shows. One big name was Adam McFlurry. Every year he attended the festival. He was the best dancer in Scotland and his show was always fully booked. But at this day the poor man lay dead in his room. It is a good feeling to know the man who bullied you all high school time was dead.

The Edinburgh P.D. (Police Department, Anmerkung der Redaktion) closed his show. Everyone was shocked. I didn’t know why he was so important to those people. The next day I woke up and the first thing I heard from my wife was that his body had been found. The newspaper and all social media were full with the sentence: “40 years imprisonment for the murderer!” I wasn’t afraid because the police didn’t find any clues that pointed towards me.

After breakfast I went to the hotel and looked for the group. I saw them discussing. Clary, Izzy, Alec and Jace wanted to find the murder. I heard something like: “Man, let’s find this fucking murderer.” Jace and Clary agreed but Izzy didn’t want to find a man who killed someone. It was a weird feeling. Someone searches you and talks with you. Whatever. Those kids were annoying. They wanted to interfere with my plan. While they were trying to persuade Izzy, I thought of something so I could become a part of their plan. I told them that I was a big fan of Adam. his big fanww….ww.. I could puke but I had to do it and they believed me. So I asked them what they wanted to do. Alec was the boy who loved action. He suggested that we sneaked into Adams´s house and searched for clues. Izzy was smart. She knew it was dangerous and that they could be caught by the police any moment.

Of course we went to his house but Izzy didn’t come with us. When I entered his house I felt strange. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe. After 20 minutes we left the house. They found nothing. Then they went to their hotel and I went home as well. At this night I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I remembered my bloody hands and knife. Suddenly my head was full of thoughts and questions. I asked myself why I killed him.

Probably you want to know what my job is? I was a dancer. He was my classmate. For his parents he was the perfect child but do you know how you feel when you got beaten up by someone every day? Or someone humiliates you? I lived with revenge. He fu**ed my life. I didn’t know why he became a dancer but he was good at it? Fu*k him. I didn’t feel sorry for him. His death was his punishment. On the next morning my wife noticed I wasn’t normal. I tried to behave inconspicuously. As soon as I had eaten something I left the house. I wanted to meet with the group. I saw them in front of the hotel. Clary found something on the internet. Adam had a therapist. So he was ill? They told me they wanted to ask the neighbours. On the way I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. My plan was to irritate them but my mouth got no words out. We asked 5 neighbours and one of them whispered something in Alec´s ear. He stood up, looked at Jace and Clary and they went out. I followed him. Clary said they didn’t need me anymore. I knew they found out something important. What could’ve been so important?

So I went home with this question. At the next day I went to their hotel and saw a knife in Jace´s hand. It was mine. We looked at each other. I tried to hide my face. I turned around and only could pray to good they didn’t knew it was mine. Jace followed me and caught me on my t-shirt. He looked at me angrily. He asked me if I knew something about the letter “J” on the knife. I looked at the bottom and heard his soft voice: “You are a good liar. I think Jane will be proud of you.” I remembered it. Jane, my wife. It was a mistake. I shouldn’t have scratched this letter on my knife. My life was too save until the police came. They put handcuffs on my hands and brought me to the police station.

Now I have to stay 40 years in jail. It’s horrible. Even my wife doesn’t visit me but do you know what? I don’t regret it. Adam, my old friend, the Fringe Festival ends for both of us bloodily. Goodbye forever.

Bahar S., Liv B. und Jana H. (7.1)