Magical mirror 2019 05 23

I was watching the sunrise over the little hill in my garden while I was leaning against my favourite tree and wrote my poem. I heard my parents calling out for me to come eat dinner at our villa. I didn’t listen and focused on the babbling water of the pond. I looked up from my little notebook only to see the beautifully glistening surface. It was so attractive that I automatically got up and went to the pond, bending down to see my reflection in the water. I reached out for the water and touched it with my index finger. Suddenly I lost my balance and fell into the water.

I quickly held my breath and shut my eyes but it didn’t feel like water was around me. I opened my eyes and looked into the clear blue sky. I breathed out loudly and felt a presence near me. I sat up and was stunned by the view. I saw fresh green grass, water drops running down on some blades of grass. Next to me was a big green tree with pinkish flowers. There were little hills, valleys and a forest, all overgrown with grass. On the little hill in front of me was a little house with some moss on it. I stood up and walked up to the house, going around it and looking in to see if there was anyone inside. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped a little. I turned around and saw a boy, my age probably, standing in front of me with a curious look on his face. He wore a black jacket and black jeans. He almost looked like this boy in school who’s a total emo but there was his face. His face with those golden eyes. His eyes almost looked like liquid gold. “Who are you and how did you get here?” he asked me and I replied nervously: “I u-umm ... I’m Haley and I don’t really know how I got here ... I just touched the surface of the pond in my garden. And who are you?” He cut me off, saying: “I’m Alex and I don’t really care how you got here but you gotta get back where you came from. You can’t be here. I could get in trouble only by talking to you.” I shrugged and looked at him confused: “But why?” Alex looked around like he expected someone watching him and replied: “It’s different here from what you’re used to. This world is unlike yours.” He turned around and walked off. How cruel!

But suddenly Alex stopped without turning around and said: “Go back where you came from, spoiled, rich girl.” I felt the anger rising up inside of me, walking up to him and grabbing his wrist, screaming at him: “I’m not spoiled! And why do you think I’m rich?!” He turned around and got really close to me, too close. I could feel his breath on my face. “It only takes one look at you to see that, Haley.” My grip loosened so Alex could break free and turn around, walking away again. I took a deep breath and realized that I started to panic. Without him there was no chance of getting back home. I needed him. I was in a different universe, not knowing if it was real or just a dream. I looked around to find him but he was gone. Then I saw the forest and ran into it, hoping he’d be there. I shouted: “Hello?! Please, please, help me! I’m lost!” I was so desperate that I felt tears coming up. I sniffed and shouted out desperately: “Please I need you!” Suddenly I heard leaves moving and turned around to see him jumping down from a tree right in front of me and said: “Stop wailing, crybaby. Someone might hear you” he leant against a tree and scanned me before saying: “If you want me to help you, you can’t stay in those clothes.” Alex realized the confused look on my face and quickly added: “I mean you gotta change. In this universe we don’t run around wearing this.” He pointed at my pinkish dress. “They’ll immediately notice that you’re not from here.” I shrugged and said: “Oh okay, but what should I wear instead of that? And where should I get the clothes?” It took him a long time to answer but then he said: “I think I might know where.” He turned around and walked away. I followed him as fast as I could and it seemed like he didn’t care if I couldn’t keep up with him. The way seemed endless. After some time, he finally stopped walking. I looked around but there was nothing, only a few trees. I was about to ask him why we stopped, when he opened a trap door. Alex walked down the stairs and I followed him. It was dark and musty. We went through a long hallway till we came to a room. He turned on the light. The room was big and there was a huge black bed. There was a little fridge and two other doors. He went into the room, coming back with some black clothes and they seemed to be my size. He gave them to me and told me to go to the other room. I went in and found myself being in a bathroom. I changed my clothes and checked myself in the mirror, thinking that I looked so unfamiliar. “Whose clothes are those?” I asked as I came out of the bathroom. He responded without looking at me: “My sister’s.” I asked curiously: “Where is she now?” He basically said: “Not here.” I noticed that Alex was uncomfortable with the topic so I changed it by asking: “So what do we do now?”

Era Lynn und Anonyme Autorin