TheLoudSilence 2019 02 20

I wake up when the rain hits my window. “Not again.“ I mumble to myself. I hate rain, I like it when it’s cold and I love snow. I put on my coat and I`m ready to leave my flat. I heard my dog barking. “Hey I’ll be back in a few hours,“ I said to him. I’m going to a coffee shop right in front of my flat, I don’t know why but I get a strange feeling when I’m getting closer and closer. “Hey buddy,“ my friend David shouts from the left corner of the shop. “Hey,“ I reply. “You look exhausted, what’s up?“ he asked with a happy voice. “Is it because it’s Monday morning?“ “No, I just don’t feel so good because of the break-up and work, it’s just getting too much lately,“ I answer. “Oh man, I understand. You should give yourself a break or maybe you could do a trip to another place. Toronto is a beautiful place but you should go somewhere else and relax a little bit.“ “That’s a good idea, David“. I agree. “It’s 8 am, I have to go, see you later“. I look outside, hoping that the rain stopped while David’s leaving.

A trip, but where? Where should I go? Texas? No, it’s too warm there. What about Alaska? Yeah, Alaska sounds great. I’ll call David and Matt and ask if they want to come with me. After I grabbed my phone and punched in the number Matt says with a disappointed voice. “No, sorry my friend, I have a lot of things to do.“ What’s about David? Well he can’t either, his daughter will be born next week. Well I guess I have to go alone, but maybe it is better that way. Tomorrow I’ll drive to my dad and tell him to take care of my dog Rex.

BUZZ BUZZ. What a disgusting sound! I hate my alarm clock. I groan and pull the blanket over my head. “5 more minutes won’t hurt anyone,“ I think. “Wuff Wuff.“ “Hallelujah, I guess it will hurt you, Rex.“ I laugh. Rex and I are 15 minutes away from my father’s house now. Oh man, I will miss my dog. I honk when we arrive. “Ian“ my dad screams. “Dad it’s good seeing me again, isn’t it?“ I scream back happily. “Of course it is,“ he says. Rex and I enter the house. I look at the pictures of my parents, they were so lucky together. My mom died because of a car accident when I was 4 years old. I miss her but I know that she’s watching over me. “She was beautiful, wasn’t she?“ my father wispers but loud enough so that I could hear it. “Yeah dad, she was.“ I tell him. I can see that he is fighting back the tears in his eyes. I tell my dad about the trip and I ask him to go with me but he says no. “Take care of yourself, Ian“ my dad says. I smile at him and go into my car. I’m so happy. I’ll finally be in Alaska.

I’m driving and driving and driving. Oh no, I took the wrong road. I drive to the left corner when my eyes see a little village. A big signpost stands next to a little shop WELCOME TO THE LOUD SILENCE it says. It‘s a weird name but I don’t care. A man is standing a few meters away from me. I’m looking at my watch and see that it doesn’t work, the radio acts strange too. “TIP TOE THRU THE TULIPS“ it sings loudly. I get goose bumps all over my body, how much I hate this song. The man doesn’t move, I only see his back. He wears a pink suit with a black hat. “Excuse me, sir? I don’t know where I am, could you please tell me?“ I ask with a bad feeling. „Sir?“ I ask, even louder. Why doesn’t he move? I jump out of my car, walking towards him. “Sir I would appreciate if you'd answer“ I even say in a more aggressive voice. I pull him back. A harsh shiver goes down my spine as I see his face. He doesn’t have a face at all. His eyes are red and wide open, he doesn’t have a nose and he has a big smile. I don’t know what to do, his eyes meet mine and the next thing I do is running. I turn around but I don’t see him. I hide in my car trying to drive away but my key isn’t there. As I look in the mirrow I see him sitting in the back. “Hello Ian“ he says with a deep and terrifying voice.

Anonyme Autorin (8.3)