Strange disease attack 2020 05 26

The development of things is always unexpected.

None of the more than a dozen people in this supermarket thought about what would happen next.

This is an ordinary place. In fact, it is somewhat ironic to call this shop, which is less than 300 square meters in total, a "supermarket". It is true that this place cannot be compared with those large shopping malls in the city, but the goods in the store are relatively complete, so in this remote suburb, it is already a very good store.

The shop is generally quiet. Dozens of unknown customers silently choose what they need. Only one woman is holding a shopping basket and talking on her mobile phone.

"No, I told you that if you eat too much sugar, you will grow cavities." She lowered her voice and tried to use a serious tone. "Do you want to go to the dentist again?" After stopping and listening for a while, she shook her head helplessly, "Well, just a bag of chocolate and potato chips--but you have to promise me to brush your teeth every day. What... Oh, dear, the signal here is too bad. Forget it, I'll say it when I come back. "

She tucked her phone into her handbag and picked the snacks on the shelf.

At half past nine, a soft and sweet voice of the female clerk came out from the small loudspeaker of the supermarket: "Dear customers, this supermarket will close in fifteen minutes. Please select the goods you want to buy as soon as possible and go to the checkout counter. Welcome back tomorrow. "

The customers heard the notice and speeded up their purchases. After a while, they came to the checkout counter one after another, waiting in line to pay.

Just then, something unexpected happened.

There was a loud noise, and the glass door of the supermarket was slammed open. A sweaty, gasping man stumbled in. The nearest female cashier saw the object in his hand at a glance, "Ah--!!!"

"Don't move! You—don’t move!" The man raised his pistol, shouting loudly, frantically, and the harsh voice filled the whole space. "Everyone stays where they are!"

The people in the supermarket were all stunned. None of them had experienced such a thing, and no one dared to act lightly. The gangster seemed to have no time to further control the situation. He held his gun and looked back in panic. Suddenly, he pointed his muzzle at the male clerk by the door and yelled, "Close the door! Hurry, lock the shutter door!"

"Okay, okay ..." The male clerk was so pale that he was afraid to resist. He stumbled to the door, picked up an iron hook leaning against the door, and pulled the shutter door on the top down and closed it. Then he consciously dropped the hook and raised his hands, looking tremblingly at the man with the gun.

The man saw that the iron roller shutter door was indeed closed, and his expression was much relieved from the beginning, but he still held his gun and raised it to the male clerk: "Go and stand with them."

The male clerk compliantly obeyed and stood by the female cashier.

Now, everyone in the supermarket was concentrated on the man with the gun. The man finally exhaled a long breath and said in his harsh, unpleasant voice: "Don't look at me with this look, I'm not a robber. No robber is stupid enough to lock himself in a closed shop." He paused, and then said, "Now listen, I want to tell you something -- I guess no one of you knows that such a big thing happened just now."

No one moved or talked.

The man's expression was neurotic: "Listen clearly-there is now a terrible virus that has never happened before! This virus is spreading at an alarming rate. About ten minutes ago, people in the entire city were almost all infected by the virus. I survived because I fled to this suburb before being infected— "He swallowed, glaring at the crowd in front of him," I can see that you have not been infected, that means this area is still pure. But I know, it won't take long… This place will also be attacked... So, do you understand? We stay in this supermarket now, waiting for rescue! Don’t try to go out! You don’t know, people that were infected will... ”

Pong! With a muffled sound, the man with the gun fell down straight. Behind him stood a young man with red hair. He was dressed like a hippie, to be exact, like a street junkie. At this moment, he was holding a bottle of wine stained with blood, staring at the man lying on the ground stunned, and seeing the blood slowly come out from the back of the man. He looked at us erroneously.

"Hey, good job, boy!" A strong man standing in front rushed over, squatted down, handed over the gun and said to the young red-haired man, "You have subdued this lunatic!"

All the people in the back came over and saw as the gangster passed out. Everyone was relieved. The mother who bought the snacks clutched her chest with anxiety: "Oh my God, I never expected that this kind of thing would happen in my life!"

Everyone was noisy and talked loudly. The boyfriend of a fashionable girl shook her head and sighed, "This is a lunatic, full of neurosis! But the question is, where did his gun come from?"

"Maybe he did something else before he came here," said a middle-aged woman with a favourable (vorteilhaft?) figure.

"Maybe that gun is simply a toy gun." The fashionable girl said.

"No, it's a real gun." The strong man held the gun and glanced at the talking girl. "And I checked, there were bullets."

Everyone took a deep breath, feeling frightened by the danger just now. A middle-aged man with glasses said, "Anyway, hurry up and call the police."

Everyone came to their senses and agreed. The female clerk hurried to the counter and grabbed the telephone receiver.

"Hey, wait a minute." The strong man placed the gun on the counter, leaning sideways at the female clerk who was about to call the police, “But before that, open the door and I'm going out--I have something urgent."

"Ah ... OK." The female clerk also realized that everyone was still locked in, she nodded at the male clerk. "Open the door."

The male clerk nodded his head mechanically, drew the key from his pants pocket. When he was about to squat to open the lock of the shutter door, a woman's voice came from behind him: "Wait, don't open it."

The male clerk turned his head blankly, and found that everyone's eyes were in the same direction as him, staring at the fat woman who was talking.

"What do you mean?" The strong man stared at her.

The fat woman's dress was a bit out of date. It was only early autumn, but she was wearing a black wool coat and a cashmere scarf around her neck. At this moment, she noticed that everyone's eyes were on her. That made her a little uncomfortable. The strong man raised his voice and asked, "Why don't you open the door?"

The fat woman hesitated and said, "I have ... a bad hunch."

The strong man stared at her for two seconds, hummed in disdain, and turned to mutter, "It's another neurosis." Then he said to the male clerk who squatted at the door, "Just ignore her, open the door!"

The male clerk hesitated for a moment, inserted the key into the keyhole, turned it, and the lock opened with a snap. He lifted the shutter door half a person high. It was very dark outside. The male clerk turned his head and said to the customers, "Okay, the door is open, everyone can go out..."

This sentence had not been finished yet, suddenly, in the eyes of everyone around, the male clerk was dragged out by someone / somebody outside. The roller shutter door, which he originally supported by his hand, fell again, and the lock locked the roller shutter door again.

This was almost an instantaneous thing. The people behind did not see what was happening at all, and found that the male clerk was missing. Everyone was astounded that they hadn't responded yet, and something that shocked them even more happened. They heard the painful screams of the male clerk outside the door, as well as the huge crashing sound as he was struggling to hit the roller shutter door. The two sounds were intertwined to form a terrible noise that mixed endless astonishment and fear, which made the listener feel creepy.

After about half a minute, no sound was heard anymore. When the people in the supermarket were horrified and looked at each other, another scream broke through the quiet. It was the fashionable girl. She pointed at the door pale and exclaimed in shock: "Blood--blood!"

All eyes followed her gaze, and a chill of coldness rose from their backs.

Where the male clerk had just been dragged out, some blood was slowly seeping through the door slit of the shutter door.

"Ah--" The clerk covered her mouth in horror and almost passed out. Everyone else in the store, including the strong man, was stunned and stiff.

The air in the supermarket was frozen for about a minute. At this moment, it seemed that everyone realized what was happening. After looking at each other for a few moments, they looked at the man lying on the ground and fainted, remembering what he had just said. The middle-aged man with glasses first stepped forward, crouched down and shook the man's body, shouted, "Hey, how are you? Wake up!"

No response. The middle-aged man turned his body upside down, and felt his heart shake--he did not expect that the blood from the back of the man's head had soaked all the front of the body, and there was a large pool of blood on the ground. The middle-aged man tried to put his finger in front of the man's nose, and he stopped.

A young man behind him asked, "How is he?"

The middle-aged man with glasses turned around, looked at the people behind him, and said lowly, "He is dead."

I don't know why, the moment I heard this sentence, I immediately felt a kind of fear in my body, as if someone was telling me: The nightmare has only just started.

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