Strange disease attack 2020 05 26

After some discussion, everyone decided to move the corpse to an invisible corner, and wait till someone came and dealt with it the next day. After all, a dead body lying on the ground always makes people rash.

"There is a storage room next to the bathroom." The female clerk was far away from the body, dared not get close to it, pointed to the inside and said, "Just over there, you can carry him in."

The middle-aged man raised the upper body of the corpse from behind and raised his head: "Who can help?"

The young red-haired man walked over without a word, lifted the legs of the corpse, and the two lifted the corpse to the storage room. The man was killed by the red-haired man just now, and now he was dealing with the man's body. I don't know if other people are like me. When I saw this scene, I felt a strange feeling in my heart.

After a few minutes, they got it ready and closed the door of the storage room. The middle-aged man took out the mop again from the bathroom and cleaned the door and the blood from the floor. The female clerk pointed to the pistol on the counter and hesitantly said, "What about this thing?"

The middle-aged man pointed to the counter and said, "Lock it in first. When the police come, hand it over to them."

The female clerk did what she was told.

Now, there is nothing uncomfortable in the entire supermarket, and everyone is calm. People dispersed and found a place to stay, most of them were sitting on the floor by the wall. I was sitting on the ground directly in front of the wall, just in a position where I could see everyone in the supermarket.

I sat there for more than ten minutes without knowing what to do. Go to bed? After such a weird incident, how could I fall asleep? I began to observe the people around me and guessed their identity and occupation.

First of all, I think the easiest to judge was the strong man. Undoubtedly, from the perspective of his dress and manners, he was a man who made a living under hard work, perhaps a worker on a nearby construction site. Contrary to him was the gentle middle-aged man, who was quiet and calm, maybe a teacher, or a professor. The skinny red-haired boy was unruly and cynical, and he looked like Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the Tokio Hotel band. In addition to thinking that he was a bastard, the only thing I could think of was that he maybe was a rocker. The middle-aged fat woman in black clothes ... I can't really know what her job was, I just think she was like a puritan. The couple seemed to be around twenty years old, maybe college students. As for the single mother--well, I think so because I heard her say "My five-year-old son is still at home"--her age may have been about the same as mine, less than thirty. Was her occupation similar to mine? An ordinary employee of a company...?

Suddenly, I stopped thinking and focused on two people. I discovered that in addition to those just now, there were two people in this supermarket who had a very weak sense of existence. Unclear to me! These two people have never spoken a word or made any special moves until now, so that I almost ignored their existence.

One of them was a handsome boy, about fourteen or fifteen years old. He should be a junior high school student, and his calmness surprised me secretly. I recalled that since the man broke until now, the boy's face was always cold and gloomy. He was neither in panic / panicking nor anxious, just like now, just leaning against a shelf and sitting quietly. It seemed that what had happened tonight was not strange to him, he just forgot his key and had to stay here for a moment. But in my opinion, this happened to be the strangest thing.

The other person was in the exact opposite situation to this little boy. First of all, from the age point of view, the old woman might have been five times the age of the little boy. Her hair was almost white, and the wrinkles on her face were like gullies. Relative to the boy's composure, the old woman showed another extreme. At this moment, she was curled up far from all of us in the corner between the two walls, holding her body with both hands, shaking continually, and seemed more fearful than anyone else. This made me wonder--of course, everyone should be afraid of this kind of incredible strange things. But now after all, every thing had calmed down, why was this old woman so terrified? And I noticed that just like the boy, she never said a word from the beginning.

This night, I didn't speak anymore, just sat silently, imagining the starry sky outside.

I was awakened by a man's voice of obscurity. I opened my eyes and saw the strong man standing in front of the counter and shouting at the female clerk: "Hey! Didn't you say your boss will come to open the door in the morning? Why hasn't anything happened yet?"

"I don't know ... that should be reasonable, but ..." The female clerk looked embarrassed and overwhelmed.

"Which time is it now?" Asked the middle-aged man.

The fashionable girl looked at her mobile phone: "It's eight forty-five."

"When does your boss usually open the door?" The middle-aged man asked the female clerk.

"It's usually half past eight."

"Wait again." The middle-aged man told everyone. The strong man murmured impatiently.

I got up from the ground and walked over to stay with everyone. I noticed that only the old woman in the corner and the red-haired man hadn't gotten up at this time. Everyone else stood in front of the supermarket. The most anxious still was the single mother, who had a swollen face and dark circles around her eyes, looked like she had not closed her eyes last night.

We waited another 20 minutes, it was now 9:05. The strong man finally couldn't help it, shouting, "Hey, when are we going to wait silly here? I think the boss will never come!"

Everyone looked at the female clerk, but she seemed more at a loss than anyone else. She said anxiously: "No... the boss will never want to leave his own shop. Unless..."

The phrase "unless" was suspended in the air, and there was no following for a long time. The fat woman took it and said, "You wanted to say, unless the boss encountered something unexpected, or something unexpected happened, right?"

The female clerk's face was white. My heart sank heavily.

After a brief few second of silence, the strong man roared violently: "Shit, I don't believe that everyone outside is dead!" He rushed to the door, hammering the roller shutter door, and shouted in roar: "Hey! Is there anyone out there? Call someone to open the damn door!"

He kept banging, roaring, and even swearing. This situation lasted for ten minutes, and we watched him finally panting and hoarse, kicked the roller shutter door and deflated.

The young man shook his head in anxiety: "Oh my god, there is no response to this kind of beating outside! Is there no one outside in the whole street?"

"How is it possible, where are these people?" His girlfriend, the fashionable girl asked with staring eyes.

"Maybe they are all infected with the virus." Said a trembling voice. Everyone's eyes gathered--it was the fat woman in black clothes. "The man said that it won't take long for this area to be affected by that terrible virus."

"Hey, wait." The young man said, "You mean they are all ill and hospitalized, or are they all already ..."

"Dead!" The strong man sitting at the door suddenly shouted, "I think everyone outside is really dead!"

"Ah--!" The single mother screamed in despair and pain, and burst into tears, "Don't say that! I’m begging you, don't say that!"

"Yes, don't say such frustrating words." The middle-aged man said solemnly, "This kind of thinking will only make us more hopeless and helpless. In my opinion, we must first find a way to figure out what happened outside."

"I agree." A soft voice came from behind me. I looked back, and I didn't know when the red-haired man had stood behind me. He raised a hand locally and said with a long voice, "At least I want to know what the terrible virus is."

"Unfortunately, the damn cell phone has no signal." The fashionable girl said sadly.

"If we can't get in touch with the outside world, try to get some kind of information unilaterally." This red-haired man who always had a muddled impression seemed to be calmer and sober than anyone else. He walked slowly around the counter and asked the female clerk: "Is there a computer here?"

"No." The female clerk shook her head.

"What about TV?"


The red-haired man rolled his eyes and waved his hand into the air: "Great, this place still lives in the Middle Ages."

The middle-aged man walked over and asked, "So is there a radio?"

"No ..." The clerk was about to shake her head and suddenly recalled something, "Ah, wait, although there is no radio, but I have an MP3 with me, I used to listen to the radio before."

"Hurry up and take it out." The middle-aged man said anxiously. "Try the radio."

The female clerk took out a small black MP3 from her purse, pressed a button on the right to debug the frequency. Everyone was watching her.

After more than a minute, the female clerk called out: "I have received a station!"

"What's inside?" The single mother rushed over and stared at her anxiously.

The female clerk frowned and shook her head: "It's a music station with pop songs in it and no news."

"Receive is already good!!" The middle-aged uncle seemed a little excited. "Search other stations, especially local radio stations!"

The female clerk continued to debug, and everyone followed her, but saw her shaking her head and sighed: "It's an advertisement, no ... there's no such station, it's storytelling ... oh, it's still singing ..."

After more than ten minutes, she annoyedly said to everyone: "No, all the stations I received did not broadcast news. And it was very strange that I could only receive foreign stations and could not receive local radio stations. There was a lot of noise during the local radio station. "

Everyone looked at each other, and the fat woman in black said sullenly at the back: "This shows that no one is on the radio station in our city anymore."

The middle-aged man didn’t give up: “It's okay, it's okay to receive the foreign stations. And it may not be the news time now, we can listen to it later at noon.” He said to the female clerk, “If not, you can give the MP3 to me, I have more patience. If I keep listening, I will always hear some related news. "

The female clerk nodded and handed him the MP3. The red-haired man said, "This is the only way we can be informed about the outside world."

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